It’s Easy to hire a freelancer, Post your Job and Relax.

Three Simple Steps Only , Let's Proceed

Step 1 : Click “Hire Now” to register a NearLancer Request

The benefit you get at Nearlancer is that you only need to post the job, rest we care till we hear from you that your work has been successfully delivered to you.

  1. Click Hire Now to proceed to hire freelancers from NearLancer (On the App you also option of Hire Later for booking on future date)
  2. Enjoy Benefit of getting served by skilled and Pre-screened Freelancers
  3. Proceed to fill details to quick hire

With hundreds of talented and expert freelancers joining us every week from different countries of the world, We are trying to reduce the hiring time of employers (individual and businesses/Organizations ) by connecting them to matching prescreened freelancers within minutes of posting their requirement.

Step 2 : Quick hire & Submit by filling your Requirement details

To quickly hire Freelancers from Near Lancer, you just need to tell us what you need done.

We'll then match you with freelancers who are available and have the skills to complete your job.

  1. Provide details of Country, state and City as where you want the job to get done.
  2. Select the category and sub category of the job you need to get done
  3. Select the level of Experience you desire freelancer to have.
  4. Now click “Quick hire” to proceed to the last step.
  5. Click “Submit” after selecting date and time of hiring the freelancer.

Your Job is finally posted from your end and reaches to us for review and finally to freelancers matching with your selected and desired criteria.

Note: We don’t share your details publicly but will be shared only with the registered and matching freelancer and that too only when you select him for your job to get done (rest your personal details are all secure with us.)

Step 3 : Select Freelancer, get Job Done. Rate, review and Pay.
(No more Steps, Feel Relax)

Once you submit the details, you get a message over your registered E-mail id with login details.

  1. Over the Website, you can login to dashboard to manage your details.
  2. Over the App (once downloaded and working properly) you get option to select/reject the Freelancers.
  3. (You can see the profile/resume, portfolio and video resume too if it’s placed by freelancer on their profile. )
  4. Once you select the freelancer, they get the message to get your job done on the mode selected by you (i.e. onsite/offsite).
  5. If onsite work , freelancer will arrive at your location and get your work done
  6. After work , freelancer generates invoice for the hours worked
  7. Rate the Freelancer's Work .(Star Rating is to be done, with 1 as Poor and increases to 5 as Excellent
  8. Pay safely to freelancer directly (presently you can pay in cash/cheque or any mode discussed mutually between you and freelancer. Soon we will be introducing online payment.)

Note: We focus to get your job completed first, then after work as you confirm work has been done, Freelancer will generate a bill for the work done and thus you need to pay to him directly. Thus we are only acting as a platform. Any issues regarding payment must be resolved mutually as NearLancer will not be responsible for the same in any regards. But if desired we can provide you our account details too. Thus Payment related Issues needs to be solved mutually in all cases till we provide online payment gateway on our website/App.

What kind of work can I get done?

At Nearlancer, We have skilled, verified and prescreened IT expert freelancers, providing a full range of solutions for:

  1. Individuals/Business and Institutions
  2. Hourly or Ongoing projects
  3. Individual or team based work
  4. Simple or high end jobs

We let you hire reliable freelancers screened primarily by us (and open for you too view their details too ) to let you convert your ideas into reality . No matter how big or small your business is at present be it a startup, mid sized or a mega sized enterprise ,we are here to get you best freelancer quickly and easily . You can easily hire freelancers from NearLancer as per your requirement.

Willing to work as Freelancer , It’s easy to use for you too.

Freelancers have the freedom to choose the work posted by clients and they will also get the advantage to serve the clients nearby and even the global clients who are offshore.

  • Download NearLancer App

    Complete profile on dashboard
  • Get jobs matching your skills

    Visit client (if onsite task)
  • Complete task on schedule

    Deliver and submit Invoice

So, What I need to do?

Nothing more, just get Registered with us. You need to visit at, click “Join Now” and register as “freelancer”. We would be happy if you can also try our App (Download from google playstore: ) and let us know your feedback as well as stay tuned with us.

What you need to care:

As NearLancer is a platform for you to connect with potential employers to get freelance jobs matching your profile, skills and expertise. By registering with us you accept that you have understood the terms and conditions of working with us and care the following:

  1. Professional Approach: Present yourself professionally with your profile completed, updated and verified with us.
  2. Realistic Approach : Be the one you are, Our employers likes you to be a real person and don’t tell lie or hide any facts
  3. Nearlancer is a platform but still monitors your profile, work, behavior, communication and reviews of employers and we may terminate your profile or discontinue working with you if we find you working against our terms or mishandling or misbehaving with the clients/employers. Same applies with client/employer too especially in case of making payment and work allotment or any purposefully misguiding freelancers or violating our terms and conditions too.
  4. We have a proper Grievance center and proper process of online complaint management system to manage your complaints, wherein you can register and manage your complaints easily.

Nearlancer in brief acts a single platform to let the employers and freelancers interact easily. Here we let businesses and Individuals also hire prescreened freelancers to complete any ongoing or upcoming projects.