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1. How many cities is NearLancer operational in?

We are currently present in Mumbai and Delhi-NCR only. But we will soon expand our offices to few more cities. Stay tuned

2. Are the freelancer you send qualified ?

Yes. We only bring in professionals who have been recommended and certified by experts. We conduct interview, check referrals, licenses, and do background checks on everyone of our freelancer's. Only those professionals who pass our strict admission process are allowed to work with NearLancer.  
All professionals are also required to complete an assessment test to verify their qualifications. We have expert professionals with varied range of experience and skills from general to High end IT technologies working over web and mobile sections  to serve you and the businesses at the best .

3. What happens if the freelancer bugs anything?

All of our freelancer's have passed through a vigorous assessment and certification process. In the unlikely event of them breaking something.

4. Does someone have to be onsite when the freelancer comes?

We highly recommend that you are there when the freelancer arrive at your location /company/organisation . If that is not possible we would insist that a person nominated by you be present while the work is being completed.

5. What happens if the freelancer does not arrive on time?

We immediately arrange for a replacement and schedule a time convenient to you to do the job or register a cancellation of the appointment requested. You can track the location of all our freelancers using the NearLancer App on your phone. This would let you know how far the freelancer is from Your location/company.

6. What happens in case the requested job takes more time than expected?

We at NearLancer understand that your time is valuable and are always striving to limit the time spent by freelancers at your company/organisation. However the freelancers are trained to update you if the job might take longer than expected. Please do expect a buffer of half an hour more or less than the stated time to complete the task

7. Do I have to organize supplies or would the freelancer bring his own?

Freelancer will be available to help you with your IT needs ,so all infrastructure should be present for him to work on recommened task.

8. Can I place a hiring request without registering on your site?

While we highly recommend you register with us first, you could place an appointment request on our site without registering with us. You do not have to worry about unnecessary calls or messages from us. We have a strict policy against that practice.

9. What are the modes of payment on the site?

You could pay the freelancer in cash/Cheque after the job is completed. We are in process of providing other modes to ease payment but presently we have the mentioned option .

10. How are the professionals rated?

After each job is completed, our customers are asked to rate the freelancer on different parameters and judge the overall satisfaction of the service. You can even like a particular freelancer who would be given preference to your request next time you need the same service.

Using The APP

1. How Can I hire a freelancer or post a job on the NearLancer App?

Hiring a freelancer on the NearLancer App is fast and simple
  • Step 1: Once you open the App on your smartphone, choose the technology you would like to hire .
  • Step 2: Once you choose the technology we then check with the nearest freelancer matching your requirements in your area and provide his details to you once he has accepted the job.
  • Step 3: The freelancer will then give you a call to confirm your address and also know more about your project/requirements. The freelancer would arrive onsite (if desired)and fix the issue on hand.

2. How do i download the App?

Go to the Google App store and search for NearLancer. The App is free to download (coming soon)

3. Do you have an App for Apple and windows phones?

Presently we only have an App for Android. We will have an app soon for Apple"s ios and Windows phone softwares soon. Until that time you could logon to: www.nearlancer.com on your browser and place a hiring request.